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9th International Telemedicine Conference of Telemedicine Society of India - 2013

We invite you the International Telemedicine Conference 2013: Telemedicon 13 . This is the 9th Annual Conference of the Telemedicine Society of India , to be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan during Nov 29th to Dec 1st 2013 . We take great pleasure in inviting you to be a part of this important event. Telemedicon is an initiative of the Telemedicine Society of India to increase the awareness and practice of TeleHealth in India in order to contribute to the improvement of the state of health in the country. Telemedicon brings together Telemedicine experts and healthcare professionals from around the world. It is truly a platform for learning and collaboration with experts in Telemedicine.


International Program Director

Prof. (Dr.) Khalid Moidu
International Program Director & Member Advisory Board